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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 26, 2015 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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a kid's play gym becomes a parent's boxing ring. >> it's unbelievable. a skydiver spirals into trouble. >> as he's attempting to land -- >> see the hidden danger that nearly killed him. a brave guy attempts a dicey rescue. >> what do you think will get pulled from the ice? >> the cold creature grateful to get out. he's just three years old.
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>> and already a little barber. >> why this haircut is only for the brave. >> the part is completely gone. >> get the clippers! take it from me, okay, kids just have disagreements. >> they don't have the emotional situation. everybody in this video has the emotional maturity to deal with the situation. they just don't know it. >> this is coming to us from russia. this lady in the white with the brown hat, bear with me, i'm going off of translations, i believe this is anastasia. apparently one of the moms on the next table may or may not have been slightly sore said something along the lines s of, let them look after themselves. then a second woman comes, a
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anastasia gets a bit shovy e shove-y. now it's unbelievable. the kids run away and this fight escalates. >> and nobody's watching the kids. the kids are supposed to be watched by the adults, and it's the reverse. >> there are no adults in this situation, gayle. this girl in pink is trying to break the guy up. watch the guy in blue. he goes down on her back. >> basically your attention is split as this level of violence escalates. >> the woman with a long hair, is that a child trying to break it up? >> that might be one of anastasia's kids, trying to stop what could be her mother in front of her. people are raining blows. the guy comes back. the girl in pink gets involved. he's not having any of it. >> this is so sad on so many levels. >> later you can see the young girl try to break up the fight.
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she's the only one being a mom right now, getting the toddler out of danger. police came over to calm things down. apparently some people were treated in hospital. as far as that guy, again, i'm going from russian quotes, he apparently knows the police chief, nothing is going to happen to him. >> he can walk around and whale on women? >> it's a ridiculous situation, and in of all places a children's play house. i'm going to steal a line from ollie. because russia. there's a rescue going on here. what do you think is going to get pulled from the ice? this is 15 feet from shore. >> a cow. >> how did you know that? that's crazy. and it is russia. i really took a wild guess. >> yes. at the end of that ladder you see the head of sarinka. he's also got an axe. he's chopping through the ice to
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make it easier for sarinka to get back onshore. here you can see how far they had to get her. >> wow. >> look at that, poor girl. >> he does break out a chainsaw that basically cut through the ice to make a pathway for sarinka to get back on land. they say she was emaciated but okay after the whole thing happened. she's going to be okay. >> do they know how she even got in there? >> no word on how she got out there, just wandered around and fell through the ice. >> think about it, one guy, a long ladder, a safety rope and an axe. that's how they rescued the cow. the guy who rescued her said he's rescued humans and animals, but this is the first time he pulled a cow out of the ice. >> i can't believe she survived that. look how far she was. >> this is how they make milk
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>> moo! i am no expert diver or base jumper but i can say to this guy, you're doing it wrong! look very closely at the guy down below. you see a white canopy getting close to those trees. then you see a big old park. that's because that jumper did not see the power lines in between those trees. and as he's attempting to land, he's caught up in them. it takes him by surprise. >> you can totally understand why, because it's laid out in front of him like a runway. there's an even that gap in the trees, he's like, perfect, a touchdown, it will be incredible, right by the road so i can get picked up. >> what could possibly go wrong? >> and you just don't see the
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wires until it's too late. he seems to have done it pretty low to the ground. i know it's power lines, but -- >> it was the canopy that got stuck in the power lines. the dude is fine but a little embarrassing. >> there is that big greenfield right behind him as well, he could have just landed on that one. let's be glad it was a shocking experience and nothing else. let's take a crash course in driving 101. the first rule is always drive for the other guy. >> that's where we'll start. i want you to focus in on these two cars here. >> so the smaller car sees that the suv in front of it isn't going to quite pick a line. as they go through the intersection, it moves over. that car straddles blind. >> ooh! >> the car hits the pole, topples, and he keeps going on his merry way.
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>> from the way the suv is driving, i don't think they even notice. in australia we'll learn why dash cams are becoming ever so popular. so you'll hear the folks in their car talking. they're parked which suddenly the car behind them -- >> oh, [ bleep ]. >> you'll see the guy get out of the car, checking out the damages. kind of looks at the other pe in e car. they get out of their car and start to. >> nice try. >> no, no, no. that guy must be a lawyer. >> he points the finger. he says there's cameras all around. >> he wants to make the argument for the camera. >> the camera never lies. >> oh, [ bleep ]. alex set off for an epic
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trip around the world. time. >> see the amazing journey that will make you jealous. plus this little cutie is not satisfied with the cheese selection because -- >> he wants the stinkiest of stinkiest. >> his adorable plea to get the good stuff. rong and healthy for generations. and today's flintstones are specially formulated with key antioxidants to help support kids immune health. ten million strong and growing we love, love, chocolaty, creamy, with a little something extra. mmm deliciousness. cookies or almonds. yumminess. hershey' s is mine, yours,
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... standing by for fun. as you can see at the beginning of this video, the words, "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single
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this guy took planes and trains to travel the world. >> he wanted to seat world. he went to africa, south america, asia, australia, and europe. >> and he had an incredible time. i've said it before, in the uk people do stuff like this, they buy round the trip tickets and it changes your perspective of the world. >> it was never a consideration for me, it was, go to school, get a job. >> if you're able to afford to let you kids do it, let them go. >> how did he afford it? >> he doesn't say, but he's still doing things. he's currently in vietnam editing more video. >> how absolutely cool is that, to say i've been to more than 50 countries and i'm going to more? >> you can read 50 books about thailand but you can only really
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the same sort of approach of this guy. it's an inspiration to everyone watching. if you love cheese, stinky, delicious cheese, you will understand this boy's heartache. >> it's not stinky enough! >> it's not stinky enough? >> he wants the stinkiest of stingiest. >> did you smell it? [ crying ] >> no. >> mom is trying to pass off white cabot cheddar. >> just because they're young it doesn't mean they don't know what they like. he's three years old and he's already a little barber.
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>> he's three years old, after all. >> that's why he shouldn't the have daddy's clippers. >> looks good. parents are having a giggle at their child's expense because she's trying to figure out siri. i think we all relate to that. >> siri's name is christine. >> my name is anna christine. >> she's giving all the information. >> i'm not sure i understand. >> siri don't understand. >> not a darned thing. >> all in all, three really cute, very funny videos.
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i'm not much of a golfer, fellows, but i think all of us like a little trickery. this is a golf trick specialist. he does shows around the uk. you'll see him taking the two golf clubs and chop, chop, chop, in a line. here we go. >> no kidding, it looks like he could be trimming my lawn. >> he's trimming the hedges. >> he's not chopping them or anything. >> it's beautiful. >> he goes back cards. >> that's incredible, wow. he follows through. >> and this one is just for you too. >> that's backfired. all the fellas love it. we've got beer pong, check it out. >> come on.
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we've got the free shot. we've got it off the bush. and we've even got one off the ceiling fans. >> it's like the carousel of beer pong. >> the fact that they've covered it from all the different angles leads me to believe this is actually authentic. a video that shows what it would be like if -- >> the industry advertised like apple introducing. >> see why the result is simply -- >> ingenious. and a free diving expedition is about to get interesting. >> they've got an amazing visit. >> the incredible encounter that will take your breath will take your breath away. fact. advil pain relievers are
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how fast are allegra gelcaps? we're going out in an hour... fast. allegra relieves your worst allergy symptoms two times faster than claritin . allegra gelcaps... not just fast. allegra fast. apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. we may have lost steve jobs, but do not worry, world, ladies and gentlemen, introducing fri. >> with an "i." >> what if the fast food
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the thing about the fri is it does come with ingenious apps. >> an all-permeating substance called smart grease. it allows the user to know where fri is and where it has been. >> and where it's going -- on my hips. >> there's more. introducing nugget. the incredible thing about nugget is intechnology. when you look at nugget, you see the breading outside. that was intentional. we have refined and refined and refined basic ingredients. >> the sound and feel of those mac ads are so ingrained. >> the sesame seeds on the bun
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there. this is without a doubt the encounter that you hope for when you're driving in the ocean. >> those are actually spear fish. they're looking for a delicious meal. >> they got an amazing visit while they were down there. a mama humpback whale with her baby. >> the baby got very curious and swam over to these divers, giving them one heck of a video. >> you were saying spear fishing. does that mean they're free diving? >> they're free diving, yes. they dive down on one breath and encounter this, which probably took that breath away. >> right, natural curiosity, as well as that little one coming up. they're not wearing the scuba gear, it looks like another being in the ocean.
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i've seen all day. >> they said they put their spears back on the boat and stayed in the water at a safe distance from these mammals. the baby is like, i've got to see what that is, mom. >> so beautiful. >> they make it up to the surface when the little whale comes up to take a breath. >> woo-hoo! that's awesome. that's the actually use of the word "awesome." that is actually an awesome sight to see, underwater. >> my god, amazing. one heck of a once in a lifetime experience. a prankster is having some fun with his parents. then a phone call changes everything. >> i have a thing going on and i'm pregnant. >> oh, my god, you drop that
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>> why this joke is about >> it's just pumpkin all over the place.
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video and this footage is found on the camera, upload it to youtube. thank you. >> considering what we know about youtube and the pranks we've seen, what on earth is he up to? >> i'm accompanied by -- >> i guess he's going to start doing some uncomfortable questioning of the parents. but after he questions, the video changes. >> sorry, america. >> he's back to call mom. >> good, how are you? >> i'm fine. >> i don't know how i'm supposed to say this. but we have a thing going on and i'm pregnant. >> oh, my god, you just dropped that news like that? >> and she's doing it well. the voice is waivering. >> i told me i'm on my own and eng left. i don't know what i'm supposed
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what should i do? >> and handle she does. >> nobody wants that look from mom. she starts going off. mom is having a go. keep an eye on that face. oh, no! [ yelling ] >> dad just doesn't know what to say at this point. >> mom slams the door, you don't believe anything. ironic.
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on. the relief on dad's face is palpable, but mom is still in the other room. >> she doesn't want him anywhere near her. [ screaming ] >> i told her. i'll show you the footage. >> this is the worst thing. >> she's going to be disowned. >> the worst thing she says is -- >> no more videos? >> no more, no more videos, see you later. all right, everyone. thanks for hanging out with us today.
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